The model is based on a stepwise inversion using crustal P and Pn phases to obtain the local P-wave velocity model for the Red River shear zone, northern Vietnam. Data include 6,482 travel time picks of crustal P and Pn phases from 898 local earthquakes and 51 stations from Vietnam short-period seismic network and a portable broadband seismic network (Huang et al., 2009).

Figure Inversion results for crustal P (a) and mantle-lid Pn velocities (b), and the derived Moho variation map (c). (a, b) Gray area is blanked by the resolution map. The red line and black circle denote the fault traces and the earthquakes projected within 5 km distance above and below. (c) The station delay times from Pn velocity inversion are denoted by labels and translated into the variation of Moho depth in kilometer with color.

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