Seismic tomography and multi-dataset joint inversion

One of my main research focuses is on the tomographic joint inversion of multi-dataset to improving our knowledge of subsurface structures and related tectonics. The crustal P-wave and Pn wave data, for example, are usually analyzed separately for individual studies but they can be incorporated in a complementary sense. With the dataset from a newly deployed portable array in northern Vietnam, we employed both phases to obtain the first local seismic tomography for the Red River shear zone (RRSZ), and shows that the RRSZ could be a lithospheric structure at least cutting through the crust (Huang et al., 2013). Moreover, for Taiwan region we also developed an elaborating joint-inversion scheme for various datasets (P-, S-wave, S-P time data, and especially the borehole logging data for near-surface constraints) to derive Vp, Vs, and Vp/Vs models. These new set of models which have comparable resolution and internal consistency can facilitate the tectonic exploration, waveform simulation, etc. (Huang et al., 2014a). In order to expand the model resolution in depth, the teleseismic data is further measured and incorporated together to investigate the lithospheric structures and slab interaction in the upper mantle (Huang et al., 2014b).

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