Hsin-Hua Huang (黃信樺)
Assistant Research Fellow
Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
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Contact info
Address: 128, Sec. 2, Academia Road, Nangang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan
Office: R504
Phone: +886-2-27839910 ext: 504
FAX: +886-2-27839871
E-mail: hhhuang@earth.sinica.edu.tw

Research interests
      My interests lie mainly in exploring various tectonic problems seismologically and gaining better understanding of Earth structure from shallow to deep, which includes a wide range of topics such as regional structural kinematics, unusual earthquake sequences, mountain building process, 3-D slab interaction, volcanic plumbing system, and inner core structure. One of my main focuses is on improving seismic imaging from the shallow crust to the upper mantle with multi-dataset joint inversion and waveform methods. In the meantime, I am also working on seismic interferometry to extracting new body-wave data set from earthquake coda and probing the deep Earth. In addition, I am interested in earthquake physics, hazard mitigation, and various signal analyses. My works can be summarized in some aspects as below. To whom might be interested, please click on the individual links below for more details:
Worked aspects:
Seismic tomography and multi-dataset joint inversion
Earthquake hazard mitigation
Seismotectonics and regional tectonic reconstruction
Unusual earthquake sequence and its tectonic implications
Full waveform inversion and modeling
> Body-wave seismic interferometry
Source properties and rupture behavior
> Time-lapse environmental monitoring

Prospective partners
      We are always looking for students and postdocs enthusiastic about exploring Earth structure and various seismotectonic topics (as listed above but not limited to)! Institute of Earth Science, Academia Sinica has strong multidisciplinary faculty, various professional facilities, and a highly international environment. You will be able to play with abundant data sets (some of them are fairly unique) from our maintaining networks including seismic, GPS, strainmeter, and infrasound arrays. Nankang is also a good place for people who would like to live with a balance between city and mountains, where you can keep a bit distance from busy tempo of city but are still convenient enough to access the modern beauty of Taipei. To whom are interested in joining us, please find more information on our webpage and the international graduate program (TIGP) and summer intern program (TIGP-IIP), and feel free to email me about any question or opportunity!